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Community Spotlight: StarBase 118 DeviantArt

Welcome to Community Spotlight, where we take a look at all of the amazing resources and social media offerings from StarBase 118!  Today we feature the StarBase 118 DeviantArt page, which is kept up with the Image Team.

DeviantArt is a well known website that brings artists and art lovers together.  It allows the Image Team to highlight their best work including character pictures, ships designs, posters and emblems. Over the past year the visibility of the StarBase 118 DeviantArt page has drastically increased due to the hard work of the Image Team, especially Lieutenant Alieth who has overseen the DeviantArt page in 2397 and 2398

Let’s hear more about how it works and how you can stay connected.  Today we’re sitting down with Lieutenant Alieth to learn more.

TAYBRIM: Thank you so much for joining us today!  Let’s start with how did StarBase 118’s DeviantArt page get started?  How long has it been around?

Alieth: Hey there Commodore! A pleasure to be here to chat with you once more. Answering your questions, actually our DeviantArt site has been around for a while, it was created six years ago now. It got a bit of activity in 2015 featuring some contest winners and similar content and after that it’s been a bit dormant until I found out about it in June or July 2020 and then pestered the Image Collective till i got the chance to revive it a bit.

How many contributors add to the body of work on the DeviantArt page?

Given what we do in the Image Collective, most of the images in our DeviantArt gallery come from the work of this team, in fact I have tried to include images produced by each of the team members!

I primarily try to upload the newest images produced (as they are imagery about the active characters, NPCs and ships) that we record in our image tracking. Nevertheless, my mail and DMs are open if anyone wants to suggest an image that can be included in our DeviantArt gallery, I’m always scanning the wiki for something that catches my eye to let the internet know about the amazing characters and stories that we create in our community. So if you want to suggest an image, it should only have to meet these criteria:

  • Be an image created by and for our community.
  • Be watermarked with the Starbase 118 watermark (or allow that the IC add it to the image)
  • Be of medium to high quality

Do not hesitate to nominate images you love!

What types of posts get the most feedback?

Starships’ images or posters are our stars. For example, our two most favourite images are  this poster of the USS Constitution B and this image of the USS Thor.

The bulk of our gallery consists of character images and, as such, these get a lot of attention, particularly aliens and women. For example, our most liked character is Lieutenant JG Vorin (from the USS Gorkon) followed closely by Lieutenant Commander Lia Rouiancet (from the USS Thor).

Then there are also surprises with some pictures! For example this one (which Wolf suggested that should be uploaded and I was very resistant about it) is our third most liked image and the portrait of a certain Fleet Captain is still our most commented image (and one of the most liked too!)

How can members of the fleet follow the posts on DeviantArt?

You can follow our gallery on DeviantArt here! Or you can keep an eye out for Dyno on the officers-club channel on discord. Unless there are any major issues, our gallery updates Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 2pm Pacific / 5pm Eastern / 10pm London and at 9am Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday for Sydney (AUS).

Thank you so much, Lieutenant Alieth!

You can check out the StarBase 118’s DeviantArt Page here!

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