USS Thor Crew Enjoys Bajoran Hospitality While Repairs Continue

USS Thor Crew Enjoys Bajoran Hospitality While Repairs Continue


DEEP SPACE NINE, BAJOR SYSTEM — The crew of the USS Thor (NCC-82607), temporarily housed aboard Federation Station Deep Space Nine, have spent the last several weeks pursuing recreational activities in and around the Bajoran system while their ship received significant repairs and upgrades.
“The ship has received an extensive refit of its primary systems,” Chief Engineer Lieutenant JG Sirok said as he paused and arched an eyebrow before continuing. “Although with the propensity of this ship to get into trouble, it is likely that they will need the next refit in six months.”
While staying in the area, several members of the crew have visited the famed Kiessa Monastery on Bajor itself, while others have taken what one officer described as a ‘Sunday drive’ through the Bajoran wormhole and into the Gamma Quadrant. Rumours of some crew experiencing a temporal anomaly while in the wormhole could not be confirmed.
A sizable number of officers and enlisted personnel have requested postings aboard the Thor, eager to help bring the ship back to full strength. Among the new members of the Thor’s crew, largest and most fluffy is ‘Cheesecake Wanatabe,’ an eighty-two kilo Pyrenean Mastiff who is joining the medical team as a therapeutic assistant. Doctor Alieth, Cheesecake’s trainer and ‘supervisor,’ had this to say about the newest member of Thor’s medical team.
“Cheesecake has extraordinary qualities to become a fundamental asset for the mental well-being of the crew. Her previous caretaker, Petty Officer, 3rd Class Raphael Watanabe had a brilliant insight to choose her as an addition to the medical team.” Doctor Alieth said and then paused, noting the large canine gnawing on the edge of the nearby table. “We are still working on minor problems to achieve a perfect integration like the incident with the marines and… the drool. At the moment we forbid tennis balls in sickbay.”
With repairs nearly complete and the crew refreshed, the Thor will soon travel through the wormhole and into the Gamma Quadrant for a recertification cruise, and to deliver agricultural supplies to the New Bajor colony. The relatively straightforward task is expected to take the ship not more than a few days and is expected back at DS9 by the end of the week.
Written by Geoffrey Teller

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