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USS Arrow Enjoys Unprecedented, Yet Heated Contact With Sheliak Corporate

ALPHA ISLES, ALPHA QUADRANT — Recommissioned and re-tasked USS Arrow (NCC-69829) recently came into contact with representatives of the reclusive Sheliak Corporate.

After a full repair and restock at berth in Starbase 821, the Arrow looked to respond to several distress signals originating from the Alpha Quadrant region known as the Alpha Isles.

The signals from The Isles, home to nearly a dozen independent races and political factions, seemed localized mainly around Atlas Base, a Federation ring-station that houses several researchers and colonists.

But when the Arrow entered the Isles, the curious and semi-hostile presence of a Sheliak convoy greeted them, one claiming to be collecting on an “outstanding account” deeper into the sector. No word just yet on the veracity of these claims, but sources from the ship’s Science Department recalled a tense opening greeting from the convoy.

“First, they lurked out in space for a bit, with their nearly impossible-to-see-unless-they-are-standing-on-your-nose ships,” says one Petty Officer (2nd Class), Beth Ch’kohloss. “Then they boom their weird mentally broadcast voices all over the ship! It drove all the telepaths mad. More people with nosebleeds were in Sickbay than there are hockey players in the galaxy. It was pandemonium.”

Official diplomatic contacts and envoys between the Federation and the Shelik Corporate were ignored and often rebuffed by the Corporate for years, but now the Arrow crew hopes the Corporate will learn to accept their new role in the sector as a Starfleet presence, directly to support Atlas Base. By the time of this publishing, have since reported to Starfleet Command after contacting the Arrow.


Written by Quentin Collins

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