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Starfleet Ranger Found Under Mysterious Circumstances

THURA SYSTEM — Mystery still surrounds a space station that has strayed into Federation space, however, a missing Starfleet Ranger is found.

Kehive na-Soldim, the Starfleet Ranger reported missing in the shoals in 2395, was discovered aboard a space station by the crew of the USS Veritas while in Thura — a region of disputed space between the Tholian Assembly and The Federation. While they have not confirmed the origins of the space station, it is believed to be of Tholian origin.

“During normal operations, the USS Veritas encountered several hostile scavenger ships which were dealt with swiftly.” Starfleet Spokesperson Breeko Zok explained. “Our scans detected Tholian assets in Tholian territory, which is not unusual.”

According to reports, however, a crew from the Veritas boarded the station and discovered that its environmental conditions supported the habitation of most Federation species. This was in contrast to the much higher temperatures than would be required to support Tholians, who have an average temperature of 257 degrees Celsius. Onboard, the crew reportedly discovered na-Soldim in a “distressed” state.

While officially there is little information about Kehive na-Soldim’s condition, the Starfleet Ranger’s presence on the space station is still a mystery to Starfleet. The Veritas’ crew may have pushed the station back into Tholian territory.

While Captain Roshanara Rahman undergoes an investigation over a recent terrorist attack on Betazed, Veritas is under the command of Commander Sky Blake.


Written by Wil Ukinix

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