Starbase 118 Celebrates The Largest Gratitude Festival In Station History

Starbase 118 Celebrates The Largest Gratitude Festival In Station History

STARBASE 118 Ops — The Bajoran Gratitude Festival is the most interesting event on the base at the moment, and everyone is excited. But culture exchange isn’t all they’re partaking in.
The crew of Starbase 118 Ops enjoyed an extended shore leave. However, that appeared the case as they joined a Bajoran Gratitude Festival. While dressed formally to represent the Fleet, the crew also partook in the opening ceremony and then relished in the spoils the rich culture offered.
The ceremony was as spectacular as one would expect from the once surprised people. The crew lined the steps to the temple, waving radiant red flags, as did all those who filled the immediate area. Deep drums vibrated throughout the open gardens, little question whether or not the neighbouring districts heard or felt or not. Vedek Lova Pali visited the station, a sign of peace and support between the Federation and the Bajorans.
“I am honoured to receive such a blessed greeting,”, Vedek Lova said, turning towards the gathered mass of people and stepping forward onto the front of the stage. “And I welcome you. Faithful and friends. Tesra Peldor impatri bren. Bentel vetan ullon sten… Today we give thanks for what we have. Today we show gratitude for those around us. Today we release our irrational anger and wish for peace and tranquillity. To enjoy each moment as it comes and not to dwell on what could have been or might be, but what is. Join me in a toast! For all my faithful flock, may the Prophets guide you and keep you! For our friends, may the Prophets bless you in whatever way you hold dear.”
With that, all those present rose their glasses in cheers and drank.
An array of peculiar behaviour followed, taking a portion of the crowds in a wave. Some became infatuated, seeing people with a sudden new light. Others, those who were usually more stoic or serious, became bubbly and reached out with the demeanour of someone walking on air. Some were less fortunate, like Ensign Ashley Yael or the Chief Medical Officer Sheila Bailey, who had less than pleasant responses to an unknown force. One seemed unable to keep his eyes open, the other experienced a 180-degree shift in her emotions from frightened to ecstatic.
Lieutenant Commanders Nijil and Solaris McLaren were among a few who noticed the odd behaviour, and of even fewer who noticed they themselves were behaving strangely. They knew that something was not right, but exactly what it was or how it was occurring remained a great and dangerous mystery.
McLaren took Cadet Kehrys Harper and Lieutenant Nalni to begin scans of the Bajoran gardens from a secure location on the base, while Nijil took the newest counsellor, Ensign Ariana Amaase with him to hunt down the Captain.
Before they made it to the Betazoid, however, the station’s other counsellor, Yael sought help for his annual sleep schedule being forced far too early. The Denobulan fought to stay awake. In an instant, chaos broke out. Groups named many different medical emergencies, which brought Dr Shar’Wyn Foster to the festival in a rush.
Meanwhile, a pair of Ferengi bar owners cashed in, with the potential for future endeavours. Bree and Freg moved pheromone phials to a cargo bay for the no-questions-asked transaction.
Written by Rustyy Hael

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