Recommissioned Resolution Sets Course for the Borderlands

Recommissioned Resolution Sets Course for the Borderlands

BORDERLANDS REGION — As reports of strange signals in the Celendi nebula, potential pirates using the lone shipping lane through the mostly unexplored sector, and Klingon border issues, the Nova-class starship USS Resolution (NCC-78145) launches to investigate and heads out for the Borderlands.
Known for potential hazards, including the Briar Patch and Celendi Nebula, the Borderlands — a large swath of neutral space along the Klingon border — is an unexplored region of space home to various species including the Son’a, Sulibans, and Klingons.
Commanding Starfleet’s latest launch is Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti. An experienced commander and highly decorated officer, Nicholotti is a past recipient of the Christopher Pike Pendant, the Purple Heart, and the Federation Cross — three of Starfleet’s highest honors. Assisting as Executive Officer is Lieutenant Commander Addison MacKenzie, previously of the Chief Medical Officer on the USS Thor and USS Veritas.
Nicholotti’s appointment is a special reunion — the Resolution was her first posting as a Starfleet Marine in 2386.
“The Resolution and I have a long and distinguished history,” Nicholotti revealed in a statement to the FNS. “She’s a good ship that will take good care of this great crew. The Borderlands are full of unknowns. I can’t wait to see what we discover out there,”
Since the recommission of the Resolution, the newly appointed crew have spent their time getting to know each other and their ship. The new crew, comprising both new Academy graduates and veteran Starfleet officers, look forward to the opportunity to explore a relatively unknown corner of space.
Lieutenant Commander Genkos Adea, the Resolution’s Chief Medical Officer, transferred from the USS Gorkon, where he held a similar post.
“At first I was a little apprehensive,” Adea explained when approached. “The Resolution’s sickbay would fit into my quarters on the Gorkon, but now I’ve come to love the cosy confines of the ship. Furthermore, the Borderlands is a fascinating area of space; so close to what we know and yet completely unknown. This can only go well.”
Written by Addison MacKenzie

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