Ketar In Crisis: Secretary Ventu Mediates Dispute Over Future Of Romulan Locals

Ketar In Crisis: Secretary Ventu Mediates Dispute Over Future Of Romulan Locals

KETAR V — Federation Secretary of the Exterior Lily Ventu has arrived to help mediate talks between the Romulan community and native colonists as they work on a plan forward for the Shoals world.
Packed full of planetary officials, Ketar’s General Assembly in the City of Opportunity deliberate on what many consider being the ‘final’ debate regarding the future of the Romulan people. It comes after years of brewing tensions, finally reaching a boiling point. Vision captured by renowned FNS journalist Alatan Barjol and her team shows protest crowds amassing around the building — though some argue that most attendees are not local to the city.
The Romulan people of Ketar settled on the world following the Hobus supernova ten years ago. Ketar welcomed those displaced by the event with open arms. A decade on, however, social commentators report the Romulan people are no closer to assimilating into Ketar society than they were when they first arrived. 
‘Native’ Ketar citizens argue equality with the Romulan community is a lost cause and champion their relocation to a separate location on the planet. Romulan community leaders argue they want equal rights and access to services, and that moving the Romulan population to their own separate land will only make matters worse.
“Isolating our community, moving us out onto the far reaches of Ketar’s plains, is nothing more than this government sticking its fingers in its ears to ignore a problem growing not just on Ketar, but on other Federation planets,” states Representative Tessara to the Assembly and Secretary Ventu. Tessara is the only Romulan elected to Ketar V’s governing assembly and one of the youngest members at twenty-two years old. “It only incites dissidence, fear and hatred of a species and culture. What we need to do is integrate, allow the fair election of Romulans into this government. If we’d done that earlier, I might not be standing here, unfairly fighting this battle on my own.”
Meanwhile, Opposition seeks to put the decision to a vote. 
“The Opposition proposes that a colony-wide vote be held on the future of the Romulan communities across our world,” says Councillor James Robinson. “We are prepared to have the Romulans and Remans vote in this decision so they can make it clear what destiny they wish for themselves—along with that of the rest of our colony.”
The Assembly debate was cut short unexpectedly when communication and broadcast signals were jammed by an unknown source. Starfleet vessel USS Veritas is already on-site but has not yet determined the source of the disruption. While the Veritas crew tapers the angered crowd outside, Secretary Ventu has called the Assembly to recess until they resolve the situation.  
Written by Sky Blake

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