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Fleet Captain Gravely Wounded After An Unexpected Ambush At The Colony

NEW BAJOR, GAMMA QUADRANT — After a nearly fatal assassination attempt on their CO and a narrow escape from a massive explosion, the USS Thor (NCC-82607) is licking its wounds and weighing its options as the situation on New Bajor continues to deteriorate.

Originally tasked to deliver agricultural supplies to the colony, the Thor has become embroiled in a complex race against time to stop a massive ecological catastrophe.

“We thought they just needed some supplies,” a clearly disturbed Peri Katsim went on record to say, shaking her head in frustration. “Instead, the land is sick, and it’s all because of politics.”

While attempting to uncover the nature of this ‘Blight,’ Fleet Captain Aron Kells traveled to the surface of New Bajor for an unscheduled meeting with Governor Tidak Beru. Shortly after beam in, someone ambushed the Captain’s team, and the attack severely injured the Captain himself. Lieutenant JG Alieth, M.D., was on the scene and provided medical care to the Fleet Captain immediately after the attack.

“It was a rather convoluted situation: an unknown attacker, an unfamiliar weapon and a hostile area… Yet I could not let the Fleet Captain die there…,” the Vulcan officer stated matter-of-factly before continuing. “…I merely honored my duty.”

Extracted by a combined team of security personnel and Starfleet Marines, Kells is now back aboard the Thor where his condition notes as ‘guarded but stable.’ During the rescue, a team took an unknown person of interest into custody. The suspected assassin is currently under heavy guard in the ship’s brig.

Authorities declined repeated requests for an interview due to ‘matters of ongoing operational security.’


Written by Geoffrey Teller

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