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Constitution-B Crew Gets Firsthand Experience Inside Mining Colony

ZELTION IV — While visiting the city of Xatrac to secure a trade agreement, the crew of the USS Constitution-B get the first-hand experience of life inside the mining community.

After placing the ship in the orbit of Zeltion IV, the crew of the USS Constitution (NCC 9012-B) split into three teams and headed towards the city of Xatrac hoping to enter a trade deal and learning more about the people of Zeltion. 

The team, led by FltCpt. Jalana Rajel, quickly headed to the city’s government centre to meet with Governor Ruvator Zadra. Warmly welcomed, a feast prepared by the Zeltion people awaited the team as a meet-and-greet ceremony before formal trade talks began. 

“The people of Xatrac welcome the Federation to Zeltion and look forward to a prosperous and mutually beneficial relationship,” remarked Governor Zadra.

While the talks began in the government centre, two other teams, led by Cmdr Alex Blair and LtCmdr Yito Seja, headed towards the lower portions of the floating city to learn more about the people that did the mining. While the teams had similar objectives, each chose unique methods to achieve their respective goals. 

Blair’s team followed their guide into one of the city’s recreation areas. They found the space full of miners and maintenance workers enjoying many games and drinking. Observation nearly turned into unwitting participation when a bar brawl erupted. Blair marshalled the team to continue their mission, which led them elsewhere in the city 

Meanwhile, the team led by Seja went a very different route. They began by learning about the mining process and the inherent dangers. As they progressed in their investigations, the local guide contrived to educate them about the dangerous creatures known as the Razaar that posed a distinct threat to the well-being of the miners. 

As the group discussed various safety aspects of the operation, Yito became unresponsive. Upon further investigation, it is believed that she was bitten by an insect local to the planet, prompting the need to capture and study the species in hopes of finding a treatment for the stricken officer. 


Written by Alex Blair

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