Chin’toka Hosts Commissioning Ceremony As Atlantis Begins Extended Refit

Chin’toka Hosts Commissioning Ceremony As Atlantis Begins Extended Refit

EARTH — The mystery surrounding the sudden recall of the USS Atlantis (NCC-74682) to Earth has finally been revealed; the Intrepid-class starship is to undergo extensive refits.
Meanwhile, Starfleet announced the commissioning of the USS Chin’toka (NCC-97187), an updated variant of the Akira class starship. The crew of Atlantis was transferred to the Chin’toka and kicked things off with a commissioning ceremony. The guest list included attendees from across the quadrant, including RAdml. Kove of Starfleet Command, Capt. Theo Whittaker from the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, Cmdr. Randal Shayne of the USS Arrow (NCC-69829), and Lt.Cmdr. Jocelyn Marshall of the USS Gorkon (NCC-82293).
After a brief introduction by Kove, Cmdr. Jarred Thoran took the podium and made a brief speech to his crew, praising their efforts in the Par’tha Expanse and then ending with a toast, “Wherever the Chin’toka may find herself, may she acquit herself with honour and return safely home. I wish you all fair winds and following seas”. The rousing toast was followed by the introduction of some new officers to the crew, including Ens. Varik Tal’Aura, Ens. Paros and Lt. JG Noa T’Nessa Levinson along with several promotions. Cmdr. Thoran also announced some restructuring and the formation of a new Strategic Operational Response Team under the leadership of Lt.Cmdr. Toryn Raga.
Spearheading the promotions were three newly minted Lt.Cmdrs: Esa Kiax, who was also named Chief Operations Officer; Ishkabella Journs; and Kurt Logan who made a lateral move from the Marines to the newly formed SOR Team. Other promotions included Ens. Lephi to LtJG, who was also named Assistant Chief Engineer; Lt. JG Elizabeth Snow, named Assistant Chief Medical Officer; and Lt. JG Thalas th’Koro.
The Chin’toka sports 19 decks, six Type X phaser arrays, four pulse fire photon torpedo tubes and can reach speeds of up to warp 12 for up to half a standard day. This move comes in response to the ageing condition of the Atlantis and growing concerns about increasing tensions toward the Federation in the Par’tha Expanse. It is hoped this move will show the residents of the Expanse the Federation’s commitment toward the region, especially amid the return of the Romulan Star Empire to the region as well as the growing interests of the Romulan Republic.
Written by Serala

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