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Atlantis Enjoys Shore Leave Following A Series Of Attacks At Freeworlds Trade Conference

ILLARA PRIME, PAR’THA EXPANSE — After ending their involvement in the investigation, the crew of the USS Atlantis (NCC-74682) began a period of rest and recuperation.

“Major. However I might feel about this, it is your jurisdiction. But we aren’t going anywhere until I know who attacked my Captain.”

With those words, Lt. Cmdr Serala exited the Security Complex on Illara Prime and they recalled the crew to Atlantis. This followed a series of attacks, including one that left Cdr. Jarred Thoran in critical condition. In another attack, Ens. Thalas th’Koro suffered a terrible experience while captured, but in an unusual turn of events, it seems the suspected spy may have been responsible for freeing him from his tormentors. After their return to the ship, Ens. Illana Ganarvuss continued the investigation into the identity of the suspected spy.

Meanwhile, the crew relaxed a bit, granted shore leave to the surface of Illara Prime.

Ship’s Operations Officer, Lt. Esa Kiax kept busy trying to find room assignments for several newly arrived officers, including Lt. Cmdr. Lael Rosek and Ens. Lephi, both engineering officers. Kiax may find this distraction a welcome thing, as the unexpected and unannounced departure of her wife has left her understandably upset.

Another arrival was the sister of Serala’s deceased husband, T’Prel, who cares for Serala’s daughter while Serala is on duty. Additional discussions included opening a small daycare facility for the few children of officers on the ship, an idea that Thoran has agreed to. Kiax will have to find a facility on the ship for that, but she’s quite up to the task, our sources report. Meanwhile, Chief Medical Officer, Lt. Cmdr Anath G’Renn, has also welcomed several family members and is having a reunion with them, including her grandfather and sister.

While the spy that the crew was trying to track down seems to have made an escape for the time being, there is optimism that they collected enough evidence to identify the individual. The spy was not responsible for the attacks on the crew, but may have been a series of opportunists seizing the moment for their own agendas.

Investigations into those events are also ongoing.

Where the crew of Atlantis is off to next is still uncertain, but for now, they are enjoying some time to visit the planet that is the hub of the Freeworlds and to recuperate.


Written by Serala

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