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USS Yarahla triumphs in rescue of USS Njörðr survivors

DELUVIA IV — The USS Yarahla picked up the distress signal and rescued survivors from the stranded USS Njörðr and seconded USS Gorkon crew, which had suffered a fatal catastrophe resulting in the scut.

Receiving the distress call from the runabout Freyja confined onboard the Njörðr, the Yarahla engaged the Quantum Slipstream Drive and warped into the crisis to render aid as quickly as possible. The search and rescue vessel, designed for such instances of mass evacuation, found the Njörðr within the nebula, the dense metal of the hull missing in chunks, and a nacelle sheared from its pylon.

“As soon as we warped in, you could see the damage. Captain Henshaw ordered us to start the evacuation immediately,” explained Master Chief Zhirv, transporter chief and technician for the Yarahla. “Our primary cargo bay is set up for such events; all we had to do was convert our cargo transporters to “quantum mode” and start pulling off available life signs.”

Chief Medical Officer for the Yarahla and Lieutenant Commander Bendito Cerqueira coordinated the immediate care efforts in the cargo bay, instructing medical teams in their emergency triage and treatment plans. Converting the cargo bay into an evacuation centre, bunks were set up in rows to allow those rescued to rest immediately.

Survivors of the incident were plentiful, however, the list of casualties still grows. Unfortunately, Commander Kol ch’Vaorrohr, Commanding Officer of the Njörðr, and First Officer Lieutenant Commander Entai Belynn are reported as Killed in Action. Observations and funeral services will be communicated at a later date.

Many of the assigned officers to the scuttled vessel are without further posting and have received authorisation from Starfleet Command to remain on Deluvia IV, a Class-M planet within the Tyrellian Sector, for their recovery. The large medical facility, N’Vea Hospitals, has provided services to accommodate the wounded and traumatised during the layover period.

Lauded for his swift response and quick actions, Captain Christopher Henshaw has been notably inundated with congratulations, praise and thanks from the crew of the Njörðr and Gorkon.

Aboard the Njörðr during the disturbance, the senior officers of the Gorkon have also sequestered to Deluvia IV to attend the prestigious New Horizons Conference and enjoy some rest and relaxation in the planet’s tropical atmosphere. Colonised by the Selkie, the oceanic world provides ample space for their underwater settlements.

The Cochtois Lagoon resort resides on the enclosed islands, including the incredible Emerald Reef Hotel, specialising in providing their guests with an exclusive look at the underwater marine structures and life in submerged rooms protected by technoscientific forcefields.

“We are pleased to receive all visitors to our home,” stated Selkie Public Relations Officer Adrielle Anenon. “It is our hope that the New Horizons Conference will open up Deluvia IV many further close interactions with Starfleet in the future. All are welcome to enjoy the bounties of our beautiful home.”

Written by Jocelyn Marshall

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