USS Columbia enjoys shore leave at Delta Vega I research facility near the Galactic Barrier

USS Columbia enjoys shore leave at Delta Vega I research facility near the Galactic Barrier

DELTA VEGA I — After the hectic events of the past few weeks, the USS Columbia arrived at the recently completed Dehner Base, a scientific outpost and research facility established to study the effects of the Galactic Barrier.
Upon arrival at the outpost on Delta Vega I, the senior staff were greeted by Professor Olivia Sellards, the civilian science overseer for the facility, who is understood to be at odds with the Starfleet presence in the region over the decision to equip the base with defensive emplacements.
The Columbia’s crew were offered the use of the base, including its state of the art facilities. Many of the crew jumped at the possibility to stretch their legs, taking the time to relax and enjoy themselves in the recreation wing as well as the opportunity to get to socialise.
“They’ve done a great job setting up here,” Ensign Jusall remarked. “It’s easily one of the most advanced outposts I’ve ever seen. There are holo terminals everywhere. Never seen anything quite like it.”
It was also a time for celebration, as several of the crew received promotions. Ash MacKenna and Jarred Thoran were promoted to Commander, alongside Pholin Duyzer and Saden Lor who were promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.
With extended shore leave granted, the Columbia’s medical staff wasted no time in ensuring the crew were up to date with their medical checks, a feat which was completed with swift efficiency thanks to the tireless efforts of Doctors Anath G’Renn and Saden Lor.
There was also the chance for a small group to begin testing a new device developed by the Columbia’s crew – a contact lens that is able to video feedback to the to Columbia, which can either be viewed live or stored for later review.
A fresh batch of faces were also welcomed aboard, with Ensigns Tommy Gottci and Lunara Hol being assigned as a security officer and counsellor respectively. Lieutenant Commander Graciela Solis, the only known survivor of the USS Belle (NCC-71619) has also been assigned to the Columbia as a research specialist.
Written by Jarred Thoran

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