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Senior officers missing from USS Atlantis

PAR’THA EXPANSE — With the Atlantis still in spacedock for repairs, the crew of the only assigned Federation ship in the Par’Tha sector has split up into several groups.

The location of the senior officers remains unknown for the most part. Although some believe that part of the split is just a coverup for a covert operation, at least one group of Atlantis’ officers has been seen on Illara Prime. It is speculated that they are there to speak to the Freeworlds Council Arbitrator Parven Try’vel to talk about the Consortiums engagements with the Atlantis in recent months.

Experts in the Federation believe it to be difficult to successfully press charges against the Consortium, but Captain Brell, accompanied by Commander Lyldra, are confident in their anticipated success. Their goal is to retrieve the captured Mission Specialist who is believed to be held by Consortium operatives.

In order to get confirmation about the team’s’ objective, this news agency attempted to contact Brell’s second in command – Lieutenant Commander Williams. When communication was attempted again a few days later, the contact was unavailable. Official reports contain information regarding training missions, but it is unlikely that Starfleet would pull back their only experienced crew in the Par’Tha expense to Earth for that purpose.

“It’s really strange that they tried to initiate contact with us, then dropped off the face of the universe,” explained Petty Officer Celag Ragon, Operations Officer of the Atlantis. “A training operation seems a bit too convenient an explanation, if you ask me, which no one ever does.”

Unofficial sources have informed that they might be part of a daring rescue mission to get their missing officers back if diplomacy fails. Whether Starfleet is aware of the base where Raga is being held remains unknown. At present, sources are unable to corroborate on how Williams and possibly a well-armed force will get there. With Atlantis still unable to move and no other Federation ships or allies in the sector, it all remains a mystery.

In the meantime, it seems that those remaining behind have trouble. According to a Starfleet magistrate, there is a serious case running against one of Atlantis’ officers. Since the court is in session behind closed doors, there is little to share on that as well. Further investigations are proceeding.

Written by Alexander Williams

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