How can I help find new members?

How can I help find new members?

New members are the lifeblood of our community. They help to replenish the fleet and allow us to launch new ships, allowing our community to become stronger and provide exciting and new opportunities for our players. Without new members it is hard to sustain recruiting levels to replace those who go on leave or retire from the group.
Finding prospective members and bringing them to us can be a challenge, especially when there are so many other things vying for people’s attention – which is why we need you help – and with all the announcements of new Star Trek series’ what better time to start spreading the word of our community?


There are a variety of tasks that anybody can do – whether you are a member of the Publicity Team or not. Here are some ideas:
We have an active presence on most social media platforms where we post a variety of content from Star Trek to writing with the aim of providing a broader appeal. If you see something that you like, make sure to give it a like, comment, retweet or even share the content.
For those of you on Facebook, they have recently changed the way content is viewed. To make sure you are keeping up to date, visit our Facebook page, hit like and follow, then choose “See First”.
You can find us on:

Maybe you have found something of interest – perhaps an article related to space exploration, an update on an upcoming Star Trek project, or even an image related to writing. If you liked it that it is guaranteed that someone else will too. Why not share it with us?
Is there a particular forum or website that you visit related to our community? Maybe there is a social media channel/page/group that you follow? The more places that we can advertise and share content with the more visible we are to prospective members.
Do you have an idea for how we could reach prospective members? Is there an avenue you think we could utilise? Let us know, we are always happy to try new ideas! Let us know where you hang out or share your ideas.
Do you write a blog? Providing a link back to us along with a review of our community and game can have an impact on how we rank in search engines meaning prospective members are more likely to find us.
Between 400 & 800 words about your experience will help us, and a personal review really helps validate our community. You could talk about what brought you to us, what has kept you here and how you’re enjoying your time with us. If you are stuck for ideas then let the Publicity Team know – we are always more than happy to help!
If you happen to write a blog post about us then please let us know – we would love to share it our social media channels!
Word of mouth is still one of the greatest forms of advertising. By sharing your love of our community with others you can inspire them and pique their curiosity on what goes on in our community.
Let people know how you having discovered new life forms, or have managed to outwit an old Star Trek foe, such as the Tholians. You’d be surprised how infectious your enthusiasm can be!

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