Disaster strikes USS Njörðr en route to New Horizons Conference

Disaster strikes USS Njörðr en route to New Horizons Conference

UNKNOWN NEBULA — The USS Njörðr has run aground within an unchartered nebula en route to Starfleet’s New Horizons Conference.
The last report from the Njörðr, under the leadership of Commander Kol ch’Vaorrohr, indicate the ship had encountered an unchartered phenomenon that appeared on view to be a nebula. Without available information on origin or manifestation of the event from the sensor logs, ch’Vaorrohr ordered the release of a probe into the space cloud. The nebula, currently nameless, slammed itself into the hull of the ship, impacting with incredible damage to both the Dakota-class starship and the crew.
Upon activation of their red alert status, the final communication distributed to subspace relays within the region registered that the ship had suffered critical damage inside the nebula, and it is believed to be crippled. Sparse logs indicate an inertial damper malfunction had caused vast amounts of catastrophic destruction to both vessel and crew before the ship became unreachable by the transmission network.
“Starfleet Command is unable to give any indication of the vessels’ status at this time,” stated Commander A.J. Ciaravolo, Starfleet Public Affairs based out of San Francisco. “As to the nature and condition of the crew, we maintain that we will provide updates as and when new information is presented to us. We appreciate your patience during this trying time.”
Further information included in the closing record indicated that several lifeboats successfully launched from the ship before the connection to the nearest subspace relay terminated without warning. However, with no clear method of communicating with the ship, it is currently unknown if any of the inhabitants on board survived the catastrophe.

CLASSIFIED – Secret: This information is critical to the protection of Federation interests within the region and is eyes-only material. Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds of the USS Gorkon (NCC-82293) and senior staff of the same vessel were included on the transmitted crew manifest of the Njörðr at the time of the incident. No further message has been received on a secure channel or otherwise. All Starfleet vessels within the immediate vicinity are to remain on high alert.
Written by Jocelyn Marshall

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