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Android wreaks havoc in Duronis II forest

DURONIS II — An android made with a mixture of standard and Borg components led three Embassy teams on a not so merry chase through Talison Forest.

With orders from Starfleet to capture and return an android gone awry, the crew of the Federation Embassy Duronis II set out with three teams to do exactly that. Following the android’s crash landing of the escape shuttle in the Talison Forest, the teams discovered that the android had destroyed a civilian tanker and lives were lost.

The revelation of the ensuing chaos on the planet resulted in dissent among the Officers, some arguing that the android should be dispatched on sight due to the extreme nature of the force instigated in the escape.

“…it acted as if it was three distinct people,” said Lt. Commander Pandorn, who had spoken to the android briefly to try to end the chase diplomatically. “And they appeared to be arguing with each other. One was acting like a typical Borg drone, one was truly concerned for our well being, and the third, the third was…malevolent, evil sounding. Then the squirrels rained down on us.”

Upon closer scientific inspection of the squirrels, it was found that they had expired upon injection of Borg nanites from the android into the bloodstream, rendering them unable to sustain the internal strife. Samples have been collected for further investigation of the android’s capabilities.

The search persisted until the android was trapped in a tree by the teams. Its fate still undetermined, posing the unique problem for the crew – should it be destroyed, or remain intact for submission to Starfleet Command?

Written by Toni Turner

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