USS Veritas investigates lost ships in the Shadows

USS Veritas investigates lost ships in the Shadows

THE SHADOWS – The USS Veritas has moved into this infamous area of space, known for its navigational difficulties, to investigate for ships that have disappeared in this region.
The USS Veritas, NCC-95035, has diverted from its normal patrol route through to investigate rumors of missing ships in the Shadows, the most dangerous area of the already complex Shoals.
Recently, the FNS received reports that Captain Roshanara Rahman has dispatched away teams on shuttles, led by Commander Mei’konda, Commander Luna Walker, and Lieutenant Commander Evan Delano. The destination of these away teams is still as of yet unknown, but rumors indicate that the teams packed survival equipment and supplies for several days. No habitable planets are known to exist in this star system.
The Federation News Service’s embedded reporter, Reza Kardgar, stated that the crew of the Veritas has been tight-lipped about the exact nature of the mission.
“Yeah, the officers took two or three days worth of survival gear,” said a Veritas crewman who asked not to be named. “Could be that they went to check out some old derelict – the Bridge doesn’t tell me everything.”
Hopefully, this latest mission of the USS Veritas will be of some use in uncovering some of the mysteries of the Shadows. The Vulcan Science Academy Caitian Astronomical Institute have already requested any updated charts that the Veritas recovers from this probe into some of the deepest parts of the Shoals.
Written by Mei’konda

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