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USS Thor Evacuating Relics from Kjenta II

KJENTA II — The USS Thor in orbit of Kjenta II, evacuating relics and supplies from the surface in a display of tricky maneuvers and technical prowess.

The USS Thor, NCC-82607, in orbit around Kjenta II has begun the evacuation of several relics and other associated items associated with the NX-03 Columbia. The evacuation has necessitated the Thor remaining in orbit for two months, with an extremely intricate sensor network of probes and antennae deployed to cut through the unique radiation signature of the planet’s atmosphere.

While the Thor has remained in orbit collecting shipments from the surface several members of the senior staff, led by Commander Brayden Jorey, have remained on the surface to coordinate the gathering of relics on the surface. Communication with the Away Team has remained sporadic due to radiation interfering with radio communications.

Aboard the Thor the science and helm crews have had their hands busy attempting to maintain a geosynchronous orbit over the landing zone and the sensor network. When approached and asked about the rumors of another ship monitoring and shadowing the Thor, HCO Officer Ensign ZzifgH denied it “There’s no indication any sort of vessel is out there, SFI or otherwise.”

Bridge officers have all denied the reports of voices other than the away team being heard over the communications radio which would indicate other survivors found on the surface.

Some members of the crew have been dealing with the effects of sitting in one place better than others. Most of the more seasoned officers are taking the situation in stride, but at least one officer, a nurse, has been placed in the brig for ‘Conduct Unbecoming an Officer’. A request for comment on that has not been answered.

Written by Oddas Aria

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