USS Gorkon rescues population of Starbase 173

USS Gorkon rescues population of Starbase 173

SECTOR 23 — After battling against the Orion Syndicate, hostile lifeforms, and subspace rifts, the USS Gorkon successfully rescues the crew and civilians aboard Starbase 173

After being dispatched to investigate the abrupt silence of Starbase 173, the crew of the USS Gorkon was able to successfully rescue the missing station population and restore order to the starbase.
Despite the added complication of the Orion Syndicate’s presence — resulting in several pitched phaser battles across the starbase — the crew was able to discover that an ancient Vulcan-Romulan artifact known as the Iapegi Stones were responsible for the missing population. These stones, dating back to the period known as the Time of Awakening, were opening rifts into subspace, into which the station’s population had been pulled and trapped. The rifts also allowed hostile entities from subspace to enter the station, and at least one crew member suffered life-changing injuries after an encounter with them.
Once the situation was confirmed stabilised, the medical ship USS Yousafzai was dispatched to the station to help with the recovery of the crew and civilian population.
“I don’t remember much, but it was very cold where we were; cold and bright,” explained Commander Astram Traaxon, a crew member of Starbase 173. “I couldn’t move or even talk. It was like being in the cold of space, but having the three suns of Centauri in your eyes.”
Medical personnel who treated the crew confirmed the story. Most of the injuries consisted of extreme frostbite and retinal damage.
The artifact is now the subject of a heated diplomatic battle between the Vulcan, Romulan Republic, and Romulan Star Empire’s governments, each seeking possession of the Iapegi Stones.
Following the mission, the Gorkon crew were invited to stay aboard the Cloud Skipper, a luxurious skyliner which flew the skies of Palanon, as a gesture of thanks from its captain, who had relatives aboard the starbase. Much of the crew engaged in various activities provided by the Cloud Skipper, including relaxing at the spa facility, visiting a nightclub, and participating in adventures in the ship’s many holosuites.
Written by Ayiana Sevo & Quinn Reynolds, edited by the Federation News Service

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