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USS Artemis abandoned, found adrift in Tholian space

THE SHOALS — The crew of the USS Veritas has successfully located the USS Artemis on the Tholian side of the border near the Shoals.

The Artemis, a cargo-variant of the Starfleet’s Odyssey class, was abandoned during a firefight with Tholians shortly after the fall of Astrofori One. Though Captain Felicia Nickson activated the ship’s autodestruct system after ordering abandon ship, the system apparently failed. Starfleet officials feared that both the ship and its classified cargo, which anonymous sources indicate was of a particularly sensitive nature, had been captured by the Tholians.

As the nearest ships to the incident, the Veritas and the USS Montreal were called upon to locate the Artemis. The complex search process was interrupted by a trio of hostile Tholian vessels, which the Veritas and Montreal engaged and destroyed – a further sign of escalating conflict between the Federation and the enigmatic race.

Upon locating the Artemis, damaged and adrift, but still in tact, Captain Roshanara Rahman ordered an away team to board the vessel to determine the status of its cargo while the rest of the crew explore options for scuttling or recovering the vessel, if possible.

“Starfleet cannot provide details on the Artemis’ mission or cargo at this time,” Commander Shilk, a Starfleet public affairs officer noted in a press conference on various issues related to the Tholian crisis earlier today. “However, we can confirm that the USS Veritas has located the vessel and will be making every effort to prevent further loss of Federation lives and property.”

Written by Evan Delano

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