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Poll of the Week: With Great Power…

Imagine if you knew the secret of how to travel through time. Only you have the information and the know-how to travel anywhere through time. You could take a tour of ancient Rome in the morning, have lunch with a long-dead historical figure, and get back to your own time five minutes before you left. What would you do with this technology?

Fiction is full of examples of time travel. Entire stories revolve around time travel, or at least serves as a plot point. So many of these stories seem to tell us all about the dangers of time travel and how we shouldn’t try to change the past. There are so many unknowns about time travel, including if it is even possible. If the decision were in your hands what would you do? Would it be worth the risk of using at all, and if so who would you trust with the technology?

If you possessed time travel, how would you use it?

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Lieutenant Commander Anath G'Renn is a Klingon/Vulcan Starfleet officer and doctor. She is currently serving as the chief medical officer and second officer of the USS Columbia.
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