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New species discovered by USS Constitution and Linarans

LEMBATTA CLUSTER, MARCHLANDS – A potential energy source has been discovered to be in fact a new lifeform.

An away team from the USS Constitution (NCC-9102-B) was on the way to retrieve a Linaran crew from their disabled ship. The effort was compounded by an energy creature attacking not only the Constitution but also the Linaran ship. The creature, big enough to only need one appendix to wrap around the whole Galaxy Class ship, was unknown to Starfleet databases. The Constitution lost power in many sections of the ship, and its shields had been heavily depleted.

After the safe return of the away team with the Linaran crew and cargo, which was labeled as the most important item on the ship for the Linaran people, the Constitution once more came under attack from the energy being. The rescued Linaran crew members were taken care of in sickbay in hopes of a speedy recovery, while the Constitution crew worked to safely navigate the ship away from the attacks, not wishing to harm the creature not known to them.

The cargo brought on board led to strange events, such as failure of power in the vicinity due to overloading. Soon many areas were without power or light, consoles burst, and circuits were fried and molten in their places. Inspection of the Linaran cargo resulted in the discovery that the strange rock was actually the shell of an energy fetus and was thus identified as an egg. With the increasing attacks, the crew determined that the energy being must have tried to retrieve the offspring. When she learned of this turn of events, Captain Jalana Rajel confronted Minister Ohain to learn if the Linarans had been aware of the contents of their cargo.

“I can only hope that the Linarans didn’t knowingly steal an egg!” Ensign Powers shared. “That would be awful!”

After much debate on how to best proceed, the Constitution crew was able to successfully release the baby as it hatched. The bridge crew witnessed the historical event as the newly born energy being was reunited with its presumed parent. The energy being transmitted what is being analyzed as a possible message before it left the Constitution behind. Before departing, the crew were able to recover a deceased Linaran as well as the Linaran vessel. With the immediate threat behind them, the Constitution team worked to repair the damage to the engines so they could safely make their return to Starbase 104 for more repairs and shore leave.

The latest reports have indicated that the Linarans knew about the origin of their cargo and believed it to be a necessary action to help their people, who live on an overcrowded planet in an energy crisis, as the egg itself would be a powerful source of power. The Linaran government has relieved the involved minister of his duties and replaced him with a new official to work together with Starfleet. The team will return to the Lembatta Cluster in an attempt to learn communication with the energy creatures, who are now believed to possibly be sentient, and work out a trade agreement for their discarded egg shells without the danger of harming the creatures themselves.

Written by Sarah Mason

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