New Executive Council member: Capt. Sal Taybrim

New Executive Council member: Capt. Sal Taybrim

The Executive Council (“EC”) is one of two administrative bodies for our community, and is tasked with managing promotions to the rank of Captain, commissioning ships, and overseeing all OOC activity that happens in the group that’s not controlled by each captain. Participation on the Executive Council is our community’s highest position of authority and the EC’s membership consists of our wisest, most experienced, and most involved staff members.
Our community Constitution designates five permanent Executive Council seats, as well as the Captain at Large (“CAL”) role. With the departure last year of FltCapt. Solzano, it’s time to appoint a new member of the Executive Council to fill the last permanent seat.
After a vote, the Executive Council has appointed Captain Sal Taybrim, CO of StarBase 118 Ops, to the role of Executive Council member!
Taybrim’s writer, Jamie, was profiled in July 2017, as well as in March of 2016. She has been decorated with the Russ Bar, Nebula Bar, TOSMA, and Q Awards, as well as the Prantares Ribbon (Medical Officer of the year), the prestigious Rising Star Award in 2015, the James T. Kirk Cross, and the Christopher Pike Pendant, making her one of our most decorated captains currently serving in the fleet.

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