Missing USS Blackwell away team found

Missing USS Blackwell away team found

PAR’THA EXPANSE – The USS Blackwell returned to Deep Space 26 after rescuing a lost away team on an eventful survey mission.
During the mission, both Starfleet and Klingon away teams on the surface of the planetoid P-409 Sigma were reported as missing after coming into contact with an unknown anomaly. With the Starfleet ship safely back at its home port, the crew was granted leave on Deep Space 26 to rest and recuperate.
Multiple new officers including new Chief Engineer Cmdr. Lluneh Walker, Chief Science Officer Ash MacKenna, and Ens. Talos Dakora recently joined the crew, and shore leave provided an opportunity to meet their crewmates in a less formal setting. The medical and counselling departments have reported an increased activity level with the crew having free time to schedule appointments in sickbay or the counselling offices. Recreation Deck 2 has been reserved for a reception being hosted by the command staff of the Blackwell.
While the crew enjoys their leave, the specifics of what happened on P-409 Sigma remain a mystery. Multiple requests for additional information have provided few details about the mission. However, freighter captain Patrick Watson aboard Deep Space 26 reported seeing medical staff from the Blackwell escorting a group of patients wearing 22nd-century Starfleet uniforms through the station. The exact explanation for this is currently unknown.
“The crew performed admirably under very hazardous conditions and accomplished the mission objectives with the help of their Klingon counterparts,” said Lt. Rolla Haneer, on behalf of the command staff, in response to requests for comment.
Starfleet Command and the Department of Temporal Investigations both referred all inquiries to the command staff of the USS Blackwell.
Written by Anath G’Renn

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