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Holodeck upgrades create chaos on the USS Constitution

THE MARCHLANDS – A malfunctioning holodeck upgrade has caused continued systemwide computer issues on the USS Constitution.

Noted errors and malfunctions aboard the USS Constitution (NCC-9012-B) continued and worsened over a short period of time, causing the junior crew of the ship to finally try and recall the senior staff from their awards ceremony aboard the holodeck. All attempts to contact the senior crew or enter the holodeck proved unsuccessful, however. The malfunctions took on a sinister twist when normally benign holograms in other areas of the ship took on malicious personalities and behaviors, and culminated in a full-on emergency when the Constitution was undocked from Starbase 104 unbidden and navigational controls could not be restored.

“Why, we weren’t scheduled to leave dock for another three days at least,” exclaimed Feirgo Wavertip, a Hinji stellar cartographist booking passage on the ship. “Not only that, but the replicator in my suite is malfunctioning. I have half a mind to lodge a complaint to Starfleet!”

On the holodeck, a hardware upgrade consisting of a military training processor corrupted the fantasy holoprogram the senior staff was enjoying. The resulting program locked them in a live-fire exercise that featured fantastical roles for the officers and deadly imaginary creatures such as rocs and the undead. The titular creature of the program, a red dragon named [Datafrag] the Dread, had kidnapped acting first officer Commander Saveron. Until the rest of the officers could save Saveron from [Datafrag], the deadly corrupted program would continue to run.

[Datafrag], given unfettered access to the Constitution’s vast computer library and unrestrained control of ship systems by the corrupted upgrade, was wreaking havoc both within and outside the holodeck as it flexed its unintended powers and abilities. A handful of senior officers not trapped in the holodeck, assisted by numerous other crewmembers, attempted to counteract the malignant program’s effects on the ship while hastening the release of the trapped senior officers. As the situation becomes dire for all aboard the Constitution, it is too soon to tell if the malignant program can be vanquished.

Written by Maxwell Traenor

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