The Za Meets “Bears” In Space

The Za Meets “Bears” In Space

HOCKTIN SYSTEM — Diplomatic efforts continue as the USS Za learns more about the new species they have encountered.
With excitement running high, the crew of the USS Za, NCC 65305, finds itself continuing its peaceful first contact mission with a new space-faring civilization from the planet Hocktin. Science Crewman 2nd Class Polarick Treslilik, who saw one of the Hocktins as they were roaming the decks to return to their ship the UHS Pathfinder, described them as “bears in space. How cool is that? And they even have fleas. Or something.”
That “or something” is causing great concern amongst the science and medical staff of the Za. The flea-like creatures were initially isolated by the bio-filters and brought to sickbay for testing when members of the Pathfinder beamed aboard. After much analysis the creatures, which Treslilik has dubbed “flibbles, a combination of tribbles and fleas” due to their prodigious reproductive rates, were discovered to be cannibalistic and carry a pathogenic virus that would be deadly to humanoids should they ever get infected. Science and Medical are working on a potential cure and are optimistic one can be found, should it be needed.
Meanwhile, despite the deadly threat, the “flibbles” have not been detected on board the Za outside of Sickbay or their Hocktin hosts, and members of crew have boarded the Pathfinder as they head for the Hocktin home planet. The species has two divided nations that have only joined forces for space exploration recently, so tensions between the two sides remains high. Both Captain Keelah Rhani and First Officer Trellis Vondaryan have agreed to land with the Pathfinder on the planet to meet a delegation from both nations in an attempt to smooth any potential conflicts. An engineering team, led by Commander Alex Blair, also boarded the Pathfinder to set up a localized network to link systems so the Za can download the Pathfinder computer core.
A friendly, if politically delicate, first contact mission with the leaders of the planet is expected to ensue.

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