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Terrorist Leader Surrenders to Government Leaders on Duronis II

DURONIS II — Rena, leader of the extremist group “Til’ahn First Militia,” surrenders to government forces as ties between the group and off-world forces exposed.

The Regent of the extremist group Til’ahn First Militia (TFM), Rena, abruptly surrendered to government forces following intense fighting between Laudean forces, backed up by Starfleet personnel, and her own loosely TFM compatriots. Rena, for her part, framed the issue as the TFM having secured the ideals of her group, namely the independence of Til’ahn (Duronis II) from the Federation.

Before the fighting halted it was estimated 60% of the population of Lokesh City were living under de facto TFM rule and government forces were expecting a bloody block by block battle to capture Rena.

In a public address shortly before her surrender Rena said “I have spoken with Prime Minister Daysa a few moments ago – Til’ahn no longer has any interest or hopes of joining the Federation. These past many months have been very difficult. Families have been broken apart and communities have been divided. That time is over.” Speaking off the record, Prime Minister Daysa re-iterated it had always been and shall always be the policy of his government for Til’ahn to remain independent of all foreign powers.

Shortly before the address Admiral Turner of Starfleet announced proof of the Romulan involvement in the TFM movement and as proof produced the body of a Romulan officer shot down over Lokesh city. At this time no interviews with Rena have been made public, but there is rampant speculation the link between Romulan forces and TFM elements.

Laudean government forces have taken complete responsibility for disarming the remaining TFM groups and personnel and will deal with the remaining arms and pockets of resistance on their own. Starfleet remains on hand should government forces ask for assistance, but remain committed to performing an advisory and background role.

During Admiral Turner’s press conference plans to scale back the Federation Embassy on the on the Duronis II, however, as of now no visible movement on the plan has been made leaving some Laudeans to wonder as to the veracity of the Federation’s claims.

Written by Oddas Aria

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