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USS Gorkon hosts diplomatic conference

PALANON, TYRELLIAN SYSTEM — Following the discovery of counterfeit currency being smuggled into the Tyrellian System by the Orion Syndicate, the Federation called a diplomatic conference aboard the USS Gorkon for all the affected parties to discuss the implications.

Deeming the Tyrellian moon Palanon unsafe for such a meeting, the Sovereign-class USS Gorkon was tapped as the next best meeting place. Representatives from the Romulan Republic, Romulan Star Empire, Klingon Empire, and from the Tyrellians themselves were welcomed aboard by teams led by Commanders Walter Brunsig and Alexander Blair, Lieutenant Commander Chythar Skyfire, and Fleet Captain Quinn Reynolds.

Not everyone was quite so pleased with the choice to use the Gorkon as it is so closely associated with Klingon history. Several member of the Romulan delegations were overheard commenting on this, although most took pains to hide their displeasure.

“This ship has quite a unique name, USS Gorkon,” quipped Tribune Jomax. “And this interior color layout, it’s all quite different than your typical Starfleet ship, correct?”

Not all of the Gorkon’s senior staff were present to greet the delegates. Lieutenant Commander Alerta Millis was leading a small team through a holodeck training session at the time. When asked, the Federation News Service was told that the training had been planned in response to recent events involving Orion Syndicate operatives on Palanon. It was confirmed that the training scenario involved an intruder alert and an explosive device planted on the ship. The team’s original goal was to reach the simulated engine room to take back the ship, but when the explosive device rendered that option impotent, Lieutenant Cory Stoyer offered Secondary Control as an alternative.

Meanwhile, Commander Alucard Vess and Lieutenant Commander Ayiana Sevo took a small group of junior officers aboard the Defiant-class USS Triumphant for a mock combat exercise with the Triumphant’s sister ship the USS Resolute. What seemed to be a straightforward exercise was complicated as the ship’s regular commanding officer, Commander Brunsig, informed the incoming officers that the Resolute’s commanding officer, Commander T’Vei, had been caught on the Triumphant’s bridge. While the team searched for possible sabotage, Commander Sevo came up with a plan to use a Tyrellian listening station to monitor the Resolute’s movements, while Ensign Conann MacMorna, the ship’s helmsman, developed an idea to use the system’s debris disk to hide and ambush their opponent.

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