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Chaos on the streets of Palanon

PALANON, TYRELLIAN SYSTEM — The Orion Syndicate struck back at attempts to purge its presence, with multiple attacks in the streets of Palanon and in the capital city of Yarista.

The High Court was locked down under suspicious circumstances amid a terrorist attack in one of the city’s market districts and further attacks in the Perlonian Swamp.

“I can’t believe it,” said one citizen of Palanon, expressing the common feeling of surprise and outrage present in the population after these attacks. “How did they manage to do all of this? What’s happening to my home?”

The High Court was sealed, trapping all the occupants inside. Due to the deployment of an unauthorised forcefield, sensors and transporters proved ineffective. Inside, lockdown procedures were in effect, and a large bomb — enough to level the courthouse — was discovered by a Starfleet team in the East Wing.

It transpired that the situation was an elaborate escape attempt by the Orion Syndicate, on behalf of the senators on trial for corruption. As they tried to make their exit, they were discovered by Chief Prosecutor Jhaeina Raisaris and a Starfleet team led by Fleet Captain Quinn Reynolds. Thanks to the timely actions of the Starfleet team, assisted by one of the task force ships in orbit, the bomb was neutralised and the would-be escapees remained in custody, accompanied by their Syndicate “rescuers”.

Rumour has it that during these events, the Chief Prosecutor turned her phaser on Fleet Captain Reynolds. Reportedly, she demanded that the bomb be activated so that the senators and herself would be killed, ensuring that they would not escape justice and that the full extent of Syndicate corruption would not be made public.

In one of the market districts, Commander Alucard Vess and a group of Starfleet officers located a key witness in the ongoing investigation into the Syndicate presence on planet. Tracking him down to an illegal gambling den, they were forced to flee when Syndicate forces unleashed heavy weaponry upon the site, in an attempt to eliminate the witness once and for all. Retreating further into the district, the team and their ward resorted to disguising themselves until they could be evacuated back to the Gorkon.

Elsewhere, a Starfleet team came under assault in the Perlonian Swamp while attempting to investigate a lead in suspected currency fraud. Lieutenant Commander Ayiana Sevo and a small group of officers narrowly avoided serious injury as the building they were approaching exploded thanks to a booby-trap.

After locating and assisting a survivor, the team came under assault by Orion Syndicate forces, and narrowly escaped with their lives. Thanks to the brave efforts of Lt. Commander Sevo and her officers, a major figure within the Syndicate — an Orion woman known as “Leelou” — has been identified.

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