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USS Thunder struggles to return home in one piece

BRIAR PATCH — The USS Discovery-C and USS Thunder-A performed an untested maneuver to get back to the Duronis System.

Sanuye, the son of Captain Waltas, had taken control of Admiral Turner and the USS Thunder-A. A team from the USS Discovery, currently manned by the majority of the Embassy’s senior staff, chased him into the cargo bay where they found him and his twin brother. Ignoring an order from Major Parker, Major Pavlova stunned both brothers in order to end the ordeal. Tye and Sanuye, along with the Discovery team, were transported back to the Discovery. Major Pavlova was reprimanded and confined to her quarters back on the Thunder. Meanwhile, Sanuye was sent to the brig where he received medical treatment from T’Leira. Doctor Hendon was busy in sickbay treating Admiral Turner and Tye.

Back on the Thunder, acting captain Jorey sent the diplomatic and intelligence officers to task to work out a plan of misinformation to keep the day’s events from both enemies and allies alike. He also put the Embassy’s chief engineer, Lt. Oddas, and the Chief Science Officer, Lt. Commander T’Lea, to task to develop a plan to get both the Discovery and the incapacitated Thunder back to Duronis. Back on the Discovery, Lt. Savan and Lt. Commander T’Mihn developed a plan to remove Sanuye’s unique abilities permanently.

“I am putting Sanuye in a state of deep relaxation, like a hibernation. Similar to someone in a deep sleep, he will be unable to use his motor controls, even if he attempts to awaken, until I release it. It will be painless, perhaps even relaxing,” explained Lt. Savan.

Captain Waltas stayed by Admiral Turner’s side in sickbay to see her well as Doctor Hendon continued to treat her. On the Thunder, Jorey paid a visit to Pavlova in her quarters, eventually ordering her back to work as the USS Thunder-A’s Chief of Security. Major Parker was quick to recall her back to the Discovery to help provide security around Sanuye. Her timing was critical to put a stop to a particularly large Gorn named Ghryn who was being controlled by Sanuye to try and free him from his cell.

Back on the Thunder, after some contemplation, Jorey called Captain Frazier to the ready room where he held a conference between them, Admiral Turner, and Captain Waltas. He expressed his concern that altering Sanuye permanently was bordering on unethical. After a short discussion, Captain Waltas was of the same mind knowing he’d acted harshly because of his personal feelings. Savan and T’Mihn, with the help of T’Lea and Tye, continued with their telepathic treatment to temporarily disable Sanuye’s abilities.

Incoming hostile vessels rushed the execution of the newly formulated T.O.U.P. (T’Lea/Oddas Upside-down Piggy-back) maneuver. It involved using both ships’ tractor beams to hold the Thunder in proximity under the Discovery to piggyback its way into the Discovery’s slipstream back to the Duronis Sector. It was a very rough ride, but both ship’s made it through the slipstream safely. The Discovery and Thunder disabled their hold, and the Discovery aimed the Thunder through the subspace sandbar corridor toward Duronis like an arrow in space. The Discovery hung back to face off against any hostile ships that were in pursuit.

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