The News Team needs your help

The News Team needs your help

Our Community News is a critical part of our ongoing success. It not only helps to inform and entertain our current members, but it acts as an important recruitment enticement by showing prospective members that we’re a highly active community. And updating our website with news every day also helps our search engine rankings.
But we need members like you to help make this possible. We try and get at least one new article up on the site every day, and for most of the month, we have plenty of content. There are a few days for feature articles every month, and that’s where volunteers like you come in.
Participating on the team is actually really easy. What we ask is that, each month, everyone on the team contribute one featured article to the queue. We provide a list of featured article ideas each month, and you can choose the one that strikes you as most interesting, or you can propose your own!
And since we have such a long history of Community News, you can often look back at past articles that are similar to the one you’re going to be writing, and use it as a template to work from.
Ready to join up? Use the simple form below – you’ll be added to the team email list and be sent more information.

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