Crew of the USS Gorkon fight for survival

Crew of the USS Gorkon fight for survival

LEUTRA SYSTEM — The crew of the USS Gorkon continue to fight for survival following a major solar event that knocked out power on the ship and left three away teams stranded on a planet that should not exist.
Complicating matters were the appearance of sentient robotic arachnoids, a falling shuttle, and hundreds of pods containing crew members of the Gorkon who should have still been on the ship.
The three away teams lead by Fleet Captain Quinn Reynolds, Lieutenant Commander Ayiana Sevo and Commander Alucard Vess are still trapped on Leutra IV, a class M world orbiting a magnetar star. The planet’s primary, which spews vast amounts of radiation, precludes the existence of any life-bearing world which had led the Gorkon there to investigate.
But now the very radiation that made the star so unique has disabled the Gorkon, trapping the teams planetside. While the Bridge crew on the ship fought to resurrect the vessel, the three teams took refuge wherever they could. In underground caverns, both Reynolds’ and Vess’ teams encountered alien technology. The team led by Reynolds met the planet’s caretakers, a species of robotic spiders capable of learning human languages. Ensign Connan MacMorna seemed to develop a rapport with the spiders and managed to smooth the way for the other two away teams.
Vess’ team had entered a different cavern and discovered some sort of ancient alien control center complete with computer terminals. However, their exploration of the technology was cut short when the Captain used alien technology provided by the caretaker spiders to contact Vess, and shortly after his team was swept to Reynolds’ location by a swarm of caretakers.
It was there that the officers made an amazing discovery. In a large dome they found hundreds of odd shaped pods that contained, surprisingly, most of the ship’s crew. In a sign of good faith the spiders awakened one of the crew in the pods to show they were unharmed.
“I was lying in bed and I dozed off. The next thing I know, I am trapped in that thing and covered in this…this…liquid.” – Ensign Yiggtissi, Medical Officer
Meanwhile, on the surface, Commander Sevo’s team experienced the shock of their lives as the Kestrel, a runabout operated by the Starfleet Rangers, fell from the sky nearly on top of their heads. The craft’s sole survivor, Ensign Grace Freeman, initially butted heads with Sevo over entry into the runabout given the sensitive nature of its mission. However, survival trumped need to know and the combined team set to work salvaging the craft. This was cut short before anything could be salvaged as the AI controlling the caretaker spiders opened an artificial sinkhole beneath them, allowing the spiders to collect the team and transport them to their fellow crew members.
Written by: Alucard Vess

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