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The Eternal Party welcomes the USS Gorkon

IANA STATION – Following a serious accident in the Roman Expanse, the crew of the Gorkon relax and rejuvenate aboard “The Eternal Party”, the space station Iana.

After a near-tragic quantum slipstream accident in the Roman Expanse, the USS Gorkon has returned to its home base in the Tyrellian System for repairs. Iana Station, renowned for its entertainment decks, opened its doors to the Starfleet crew, inviting them to sample the many forms of recreation and relaxation on offer. Timed with the conclusion of shore leave, the Tyrellian government extended to the crew an invitation to participate in the traditional celebration known as the Festival of Stars.

As always, the holodeck was a popular choice for many crew, and a wide variety of programs were sampled over the course of the crew’s leave. Commander Alucard Vess was accompanied by a group of officers who participated in a realistic recreation of D-Day, a battle from Earth’s history, while Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds was seen to enjoy a thrilling pulp adventure, also set in Earth’s past.

“Apparently the Admiral was throwing punches and shooting guns in there. Can you imagine? She’s usually so st– I, uh… I mean, so dignified,” said a senior crew member, who asked to remain anonymous.

Other members of the crew took the opportunity to visit the Tyrellian’s famous “ark moon”, Ereina. The moon is home to the entirety of Tyrellia’s indigenous plant and animal life, transplanted there during the natural disaster that left their homeworld barren and uninhabitable. For many years, the ark moon has been entirely off-limits to all but scientific personnel, but a recent push from the Federation’s scientific community has prompted the opening of a visitor’s centre, showcasing some of the species saved from extinction by this remarkable project.

Shore leave was concluded with a visit to Cyrithra Forest, where the Gorkon crew participated in a celebration of the Festival of Stars, a Tyrellian celebration of thanks. The festival is known for spectacular and beautiful arrangements of lamps, designed to make those in attendance feel as though they are walking among the stars themselves as they give thanks to friends, family and the universe for bringing them to their new home.

Written by: Quinn Reynolds

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