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Featured Bio Contest Team needs members from Andaris & Athena

The Featured Bio Contest Team helps find and celebrate the best character pages on the wiki, as nominated by our members like you. The contest runs every two months, and everyone is encouraged to nominate a character page for the contest.

Making sure we select the best character pages also requires a team of dedicated members – ranked Lieutenant JG or higher – who review the nominations and help steer nominees in the right direction. One of the main goals for the team this year is to have one member to represent each ship/base in the fleet. We are currently looking for representatives from the Andaris Task Force and the USS Athena.

Participating on the team takes about one hour a month. There’s no prerequisite knowledge – you’ll learn everything you need to know once you join the team. But a healthy interest in the wiki and character profiles is helpful!

If you’re with the Andaris Task Force or on the USS Athena and interested in joining the team, let us know by replying in the forum.

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Brayden Jorey is currently at the Embassy on Duronis II and USS Thor as a Special Operations Officer. He is a member of the fleet's Training Team, a member of Veteran Affairs and the facilitator for the Featured Bio Contest Team.
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