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Explosion kills several Pro-Federation Laudean Officials

LUXIS SYSTEM – The Til’ahn First Militia killed at least 5 in the Laudean Capital of Lokesh City; Starfleet forces are on high alert.

An early morning explosion rocked Lokesh City as a suicide bomber detonated themselves, killing at least five Pro-Federation officials and several others. Starfleet personnel, rushing to assist the local authorities, found an angry crowd placing blame squarely on Starfleet and the Federation. Surprisingly, the local authorities seemed to share the sentiment. “Your presence is not welcome here,” said Sub Marshal Gorala, one of the first responders on the scene. “We have no need of your technological assistance, nor your expertise. Now go before I have the three of you arrested.”

While arguments escalated between Starfleet personnel and Laudean authorities, a second attacker attempted to detonate a second device in the middle of the gathered crowd of onlookers and first responders. The second attacker was taken into custody, but not before he was able to launch his device into a crowd containing children. Despite the efforts of Major Irina Pavlova, Major Hannibal Parker, and Captain Tyr Waltas, the explosive detonated, killing a number of people, including children, their parents, and Gorala. Many other wounded were brought back to the Federation Embassy under the care of Doctor Boris Hendon for care.

The subsequent investigation quickly determined the attackers were part of the anti-Alien group known as the ‘Til’ahn First Militia’ (TFM), which believes in using violence to end what they consider the Federation’s ‘Occupation’ of Til’ahn (Duronis II). Some reports estimate the TFM actually controls up to 60% of Lokesh City.

In the immediate aftermath of the explosion the Embassy staff got into action. The newly installed Executive Officer, Lt. Commander Oddas, has ordered the Embassy to alert status, with other departments given orders to assist the Laudean government in dealing with the TFM problem. Admiral Toni Turner has been seen meeting with Laudean Prime Minister, Vail Daysa and the new Federation Ambassador, Ashana who arrived seemingly just as the crisis began. Blocks of time with several Laudean media outlets have been blocked off for joint appearances.

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