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USS Blackwell and USS Atlantis return after long disaster relief efforts on Kiros III

DEEP SPACE 26 — The crew of the Andrais Task Force are taking a well-deserved shore leave after helping the people of Kiros III

The crews of the Blackwell and Atlantis spent several weeks assisting in the relief effort on Kiros III. Once the crews had seen to needs of the people, investigation into the quakes and the unknown A’Kir device continued. The A’Kir were eventually cleared of wrongdoing and Kirosian Prime Minister Licas recognized the favor they’d been done by the A’Kir’s call for aid.

Upon arrival at DS26, the crews disembarked their vessels for some well-deserved shore leave on the ancient-Chon built starbase. Capt. Akinor Onali Zaekia and Cmdr. Kael Thomas enjoyed a fishing trip on the holodeck getting to know each other better. Cmdr. Varaan and Cmdr. Emery Rhyn took Atlantis’ hawkeye shuttle out on a “minor shakedown” cruise.

While on Atlantis itself, Cmdr. Brell was receiving reports of system failures from all over the Intrepid class ship. Ens. Kurt Logan and Counselor Sindrana, along with a few others, became trapped in the mess hall when the door refused to open. Meanwhile, Lt. Randal Shayne and Lt. Isabel Pond discussed the state of their relationship.

On the starbase Lt. E’riQ and Ens. Anath G’Renn spent time relating over their shared Klingon heritage. She later joined Lt JG. Jora Kallis in a game of chess. On the Blackwell Lt Cmdr. Merrick R’Ven met with his fellow science officer Ens. Sorel Kaidun, where they talked about expanding their knowledge of new things.

After recalling and recruiting as many engineers as possible, the problems aboard Atlantis could not be resolved, leaving Rear Adml. Renos little choice but to reassign its crew until repairs could be completed.

“Never have I seen computer problems like this, in all my years as a Starfleet engineer,” said Commander Brell.

Most of the Atlantis crew were transferred to the Blackwell, while a few were relocated to DS26, Lt Cmr. Renn Rennyn among them, to serve as diplomatic officer, while Brell joined the Blackwell as its first officer.

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