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Athena called upon to aid in blocking rebel Gamma Quadrant group

DANUBAE SYSTEM — Due to damage inflicted upon the USS Athena, NCC-97780, by the Agragons when it first arrived in the Gamma Quadrant, the ship has been given access to the Danubae station for repairs and is currently in negotiations with the Dryary Confederation for continued access.

The Dryary evaluate the needs of a species that is less technologically advanced than the Dryary. If their needs can be met, and it is projected that the species can contribute productively to the Confederation, they are given the means and knowledge needed. They call this the “the Uplifting Protocol”.

During repairs on the Athena, a broadcast came across all comms from a rebel group within the Dryary Confederation known as “the Natural Order”. The Natural Order opposes the compassionate protocol of the Confederation, arguing that it taints their society and pollutes their genetics. To stop it, they threatened to destroy the facilities involved in the protocol unless the government stops.

The Athena is involved through both hearing the broadcast, and a request for aid, as the Dryary communication systems are not as advanced as the Federation and they are unable to trace back to the point of origin. This request for aid prompted Captain Selene Faranfey to put together a senior staff briefing to go over the information and decide whether or not they are to get involved. If it were not for “the Uplifting Protocol” going against the Prime Directive, there would be no reason to question this.

During the briefing, the terrorists pushed up their timeline and destroyed a facility, killing people. It was this action that had the crew agreeing to assist their only ally in the Quadrant so far. Lives were at risk, and the terrorists didn’t intend to keep their word, which made Capt. Faranfey feel that this was more about them being intolerant of differences than it did about the protocol. For this reason, she instructed her crew to work with the Dryarians to prevent any further loss of life, and that they would discuss the fundamental differences in beliefs at a time when their people weren’t under attack.

The Chief Engineering Officer, Lieutenant JG Cassandra Ezi, and Deck Officer Lieutenant Commander Sabrina Holly got their first lead on where the terrorist were holed up. Unfortunately this lead was at the expense of their main computer core, and systems such as environmental controls due to a virus.

Now that the Athena has located where the terrorists are, they are about to head off to capture them.

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