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Poll of the Week: Sentient immune systems?

You are the Captain of your own ship, and on your explorations you receive a distress call from an inhabited planet. The inhabitants, a humanoid species not much different to those who comprise much of your crew, request your help with a major problem. The cells in their immune systems have evolved to start communicating with each other and acquired sentience. Since then, their immune systems have stopped working and their people are falling victim to every form of disease, minor as it could have been a few days before. Under the circumstances, the cells request to be freed, explaining the situation of slavery in which they have found themselves in upon awakening.

Both sides request your help towards their objective, and the fate of now two races rests on your decision.

You pool your senior officers for ideas. Your scientists have a way to free the immune system cells so they can have a life of their own. Your doctors have a way to compensate the evolution of the cells, returning them to their original function.

As the population falls prey to disease, you only have a few hours to decide, making it impossible for you to get Starfleet counsel. It is your decision.

This is the first post in our new category Morals of Trek, where you are put on the shoes of a Captain and faced with a dilemma any of our characters in the Fleet could face one day, or even the characters from our favorite series might have faced in a episode. Cast your vote, and come to the forums to discuss with other captains-for-a-day what they would have done.

This question is loosely based on a recent dilemma faced by the crew of the USS Darwin-A. If your crew has faced a dilemma and you want it to be featured in an edition of the Poll of the Week, we welcome your subspace messages.

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