Why, and how, to join the Publicity Team

Why, and how, to join the Publicity Team

Each month, roughly a dozen new members join, while many others depart on Leaves of Absence, or retire from the group. It’s the natural cycle of our community that as some people join, others will have to step away.
But unless we’re able to introduce more members to our community than leave each month, we’re faced with the prospect of diminishing size, which can eventually lead us to decommission ships. That’s why our Publicity Team works so hard every month to spread the word about our community, and entice new people to join!
We can use your help. The team needs people like yourself who are enthusiastic about our community and participating in the process of finding new members. It’s simple and fun! Each month, Publicity Team members choose a task to work on, which can include writing guest posts for other websites, finding social media content to post, keeping up with our various online bulletin board posts, among other easy jobs. We’ll coach you each step of the way in how to complete your task, and they usually only take 30 minutes to an hour each month.
So what do you think? Ready to help us find some new people? Use the form below to sign up! You’ll be added to the team email list and receive more information.

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