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Poll of the Week: The simming we love

The recent and exciting launch of the USS Za gave us the opportunity of a transfer as the requests sweeped the fleet. Some people took the chance, some didn’t. But it gave us all an opportunity to reflect on our current post and ship. On what we love about the ship, the style of simming we are enjoying. Or maybe what we hope to find, or even help shape, in a new post.

We love our ships, older and newer alike. Though each one of us loves them for different reasons. Maybe the people? Maybe the quality of the sims? The plots, or the approach your crew takes to them? Maybe the commanding officers and their leading style? We are sure there are lots of things, but what is the best?

Each one of us has different reasons. Come to the forums and tell us what yours are!

This is a new post in our category Simming Questions. Here we will be asking questions about our community, our characters and our writing, and how you interact with it all.

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John Valdivia is a Terran from New Berlin, Luna. After some years of service on the USS Discovery-C and a short break from Starfleet, he is currently the Chief Science Officer of the USS Darwin-A.
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