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Poll of the Week: Simming the Bad Guy

We are all used to simming our characters in their Star Trek lives. And, with their own problems and conflicts, they are the protagonists of our stories, they uphold (to their own extent) the values of the Federation and generally win, at least in the end.

But simming occasionally offers the unique opportunity of writing an antagonist, the bad guy our characters fight against. Not every mission has one, we might be just fighting nature, or internal conflict, for example. But, on those missions that have an opponent, someone has to sim them. If you have, you know how fun and amazing it can be. If you haven’t, consider it and contact your captain, because it is a fascinating opportunity.

But, when we sim them, there are lots of styles and types of enemies our characters can face. So here is our question, what is your favourite kind of enemies? Maybe so alien we can’t understand their motives? Maybe ruthless and cold, so far from the most human parts of our own characters we can’t relate? Or maybe with their own interests, loyal to their own faction, a good agent just in a different side? Or approachable, with their own problems and fears, relatable, where we could see ourselves doing the same things in their same situation?

Each one has their own perks and is fun to sim in their own manner. But what is your favourite? Come and tell us on the forums!

This is a new post in our category Simming Questions. Here we will be asking questions about our community, our characters and our writing, and how you interact with it all.

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