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Poll of the Week: The good Ferengi

As captain of a starship, you are attending to a medical emergency on a small colony world. The number of affected people is in the tens of thousands, and yours was the only ship capable of reaching the colony in time. Your ship is definitely lacking in supplies, including some impossible to replicate medicines, and while more ships and supplies are on their way, but they will not reach you in time to prevent thousands of deaths. There is little your medical department can.

When all seems lost, a Ferengi ship approaches. They know what your struggle is, and come bringing a massive amount of the necessary supplies – free of charge, no less! They claim they had the resources available but not the doctors to use them. Since you have the doctors with the skills to help the colonists, they are giving the supplies to you.

Your medical team urges you to accept. Whatever ulterior motives the Ferengis might have, these supplies could save thousands of lives. Your security department, however, recommends wariness. The appearance of Ferengis – with exactly the right supplies – is suspicious.

Would you accept the medical supplies? Is the stereotype affecting your decision making? Or are you too quickly to trust? Tell us what you would do!

This is a new edition of our category Morals of Trek, where you are in the shoes of a Starfleet Captain facing a dilemma any of our favourite characters could have faced in Star Trek. If your crew has faced any such dilemmas and you want to see it featured in a Poll of the Week, let us know!

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John Valdivia is a Terran from New Berlin, Luna. After some years of service on the USS Discovery-C and a short break from Starfleet, he is currently the Chief Science Officer of the USS Darwin-A.
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