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StarBase 118 searches for wanted fugitive

USS ALBION — Under orders from Commodore Allan Kinney, the senior staff of StarBase 118 have been tasked with locating renegade Starfleet officer Haz Arrihman.

Arrihman, who escaped Romulan incarceration at the end of last year, has reportedly commandeered the IRW Sienov, a Romulan D’deridex class warbird, and sources at Starfleet Intelligence believe that the former Starfleet captain is intent on sparking a war between the Klingon and Romulan Empires in a twisted act of revenge against the Romulans, whom he believes are responsible for the death of his brother last year.

“Haz Arrihman is a wanted man who is responsible for heinous acts of terror against the Romulan people,” said StarBase 118 press secretary AJ Craig at a briefing earlier this morning. “Starfleet Command has no doubt that Captain Taybrim will bring him into the late and to justice”.

Reports suggest that Arrihman is en route to the Thosis system and that the USS Albion has already engaged Arrihman following the destruction of the USS Avalon, another ship assigned to hunt for the renegade. In addition, unconfirmed reports allege that the IKS S’Tarakh is assisting the crew in hunting for Arrihman. The Klingon Empire refuses to comment.

More developments to come.

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