With search called off, hope still lingers for some in finding USS Gorkon

With search called off, hope still lingers for some in finding USS Gorkon

MENTHAR CORRIDOR — While the official search has ended, a last ditch effort to find the USS Gorkon has begun.

After vanishing without a trace, Starfleet has officially called off the search for the USS Gorkon, a Sovereign class starship that had been assigned to patrol the Menthar Corridor. Yet according to rumor, all hope is not lost in finding the Gorkon.
Reports picked up from the Astrofori One space station suggest that an unofficial search may in fact be taking place. In a personal log intercepted from Chris Harrington, formerly of the USS Yarahla, Harrington states, “I and a group of interested parties are determined to look for the missing ship, regardless of the fact that ‘lost with all hands’ means ‘We can’t find them.’”

Lieutenant Commander Eerie’s Personal Log, Stardate 239305.30
The past month here in the alternative universe has been quite interesting and keeping me very busy. The best part of it, however, is that of no new updates from Starfleet Command via security matters. However, there will be a lot to read if and when we get back to our Federation space. We have had at least one member of the Triumphant’s crew formally join the Gorkon’s. Probably the last person I would have expected, but there are certainly some differences in personality. There was some initial concerns with getting quarters for the new arrivals, but it is pretty much taken care of. We are still looking for a way to repair the ship and return to our “home” universe.
It is still odd to see some duplicates about the ship. This has been my main concern with security matters as who and who doesn’t have security clearances. I have been maintaining an informally increased security presence on the ship. I think this prudent, being in Dominion space and with the new arrivals board.
Roo, my cat has seemed to take the chances in stride. I don’t even think she noticed until Ensign DeBarres, who watches the cat for me on occasion, came with her duplicate from this universe to my quarters to feed the cat, due to my working a double shift.
I do need to spend more time with the cat. Perhaps I will take her to the office more often. Tactically I have learned a lot with the run ins with the Dominion and Cardassian forces. Hopefully, at some point I will get to publish my findings. One more report for Starfleet to send out to everyone.

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