Orion Syndicate plot threatens to destabilize the Federation

Orion Syndicate plot threatens to destabilize the Federation

LUXIS SYSTEM — Dozens of planets and outposts have been attacked by the Orion Syndicate as the criminal organization continues to strengthen its position near the Duronis Sector.

The Zalkonian led attack on the Embassy failed. Clearing and rebuilding efforts were underway mere hours after the attack, and the displaced Embassy staff was housed in Lokesh City hotels. The Orion-Romulan-Zalkonian allied forces also failed to capture Shi’lar, an Argelian woman, which seemed to be their primary goal. The unprovoked attack and lack of Laudean participation left no shortage of questions from the Embassy staff, Starfleet Intelligence, and Federation officials. Shockingly, the answers were far more devastating than the attack itself.
First and foremost, Starfleet Intelligence was severely compromised by a network of Orion Syndicate operatives who infiltrated and are operating within SFI. Many of Starfleet’s own agents recently disappeared, including those on Farius Prime, Orion, and Sherman’s Planet. This infiltration not only led to the attack on the Embassy but a simultaneous attack on Argellus II and a series of attacks on key planets and outposts along the border of the Romulan Republic over the past 24 hours.
It is clear that the Orion Syndicate, once thought extinguished, is making a play to strengthen their position in this part of the galaxy. However, none of this seemed to explain why the Orions seemed so interested in capturing the Embassy’s protectee Shi’lar. For those answers, the Embassy was contacted by Minister T’Nor of the V’Shar – Vulcan Intelligence.
The Orions’ new interest in the Duronis sector and surrounding territory was apparently related to a rumoured Vulcan relic that was believed to be somewhere near the Romulan Republic’s borders. According to Minister T’Nor, the device called the Eye of Terek is believed “to see into the minds of others, their thoughts and how they function – not just of one person or a few, but of thousands.” T’Nor also informed the Embassy that the Argelian Shi’lar is actually a surgically and medically altered Vulcan and a former V’Shar agent named T’Kara.
The pieces of the puzzle were starting to come together, and the V’Shar was now requesting the Embassy’s help to recover the Eye of Terek before the Orions gathered the pieces and assembled the device for their own sinister use. Admiral Toni Turner accepted the V’Shar’s request.
Unfortunately, the Embassy has discovered they are surrounded by a cloaked fleet of Romulan Empire ships and will likely have to fight their way out. To make matters worse, Tal Shiar operatives were discovered aboard the USS Thunder after an attempt was made to kill Shi’lar/T’Kara, and her quarters were destroyed by an explosion. It is believed that there are still Tal Shiar agents aboard the USS Thunder trying to disable and weaken the ship before the cloaked Empire fleet attacks.

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