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Consortium subterfuge targets USS Darwin

DELTA QUADRANT, POUIYEOG REGION — The USS Darwin faced off against the Consortium vessel Vanquish in a showdown pitting Fleet Captain Renos against his arch-nemesis Raikenoff.

With shore leave and another ribbon ceremony at an end, the USS Darwin had been tasked with a two-pronged mission – repair several subspace communications relays that had mysteriously stopped operation, and solve that mystery. Upon arriving at the first of the downed relays, Commander Kael Thomas, Lieutenant Commander Brell, and Lieutenant Randal Shayne transported over to assess the situation. The two person Starfleet crew was missing, and the systems were offline.

Before much more could be established, the Consortium vessel “Vanquish” warped in and kidnapped the Away Team from the relay. With the Darwin in pursuit, the Vanquish lead them towards a nearby Talaxian mining colony which the Vanquish crew had taken control of, and from which they had taken prisoners. The relay malfunctions were looking more and more like Consortium sabotage, meant to lure the Darwin and specifically Fleet Captain Renos into the clutches of Tor’kath, aka Raikenoff, once again.

A second Away Team, consisting of Lieutenant Commanders John Valdivia and Nicu Icavoc, Lieutenant (jg) Iniko Mpeba, and Ensign Kurt Logan were dispatched to rescue the first team from the Vanquish, while the space battle continued between the two vessels featuring Lieutenant Commander Rendal Rennyn filling in at helm, and Ensign Samuel Braddock manning tactical. During the ensuing chaos, many of the Talaxian hostages on board the Vanquish were beamed to the Darwin’s sickbay. This forced Lieutenant Isabel Pond, M.D. to postpone an operation which would have seen Commander Varaan get an artificial leg to replace the one he lost on a Numiri installation hidden within Raikenoff’s Folly. Ensign Christopher Lambert was asked to assist Doctor Pond with the Talaxians.

Once it was realized that Renos’ archnemesis Raikenoff was not on board the Vanquish, but in fact on the planet with the rest of the Talaxian hostages, the J’naii captain took Rennyn, Braddock, and Ensign Bracca with nem to face the Consortium commander. Beaming down to the planet, Renos was separated from the rest of the team by Raikenoff for their final one-on-one showdown. On board the Vanquish, Brell was undergoing drug-induced torture, giving up data on the Darwin’s defenses and its Quantum Slipstream Drive. Parts of the QSD were subsequently stolen via transporter.

Lieutenant Commander Emery Rhyn and Lieutenant Merrick R’Ven have been left in charge of the bridge, with the rest of the senior staff scattered between the planet and the Vanquish. Most of the Consortium agents have disappeared, a few still hamper the rescue efforts of Valdivia’s team, and the Vanquish’s warp core had just gone critical, signalling a core breach in only two minutes.

“Though most evidence of criminal activity by the Consortium is circumstantial,” said Geraldine Herald, Deputy Minister of Justice, “We have hopes that Captain Renos and nir crew will be able to supply more substantial evidence after this so that justice can be served.”

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