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USS Constitution foils Orion Syndicate drug operation

DRAGORIN VI — Members of the Orion Syndicate have been arrested after they were discovered to be using local tree sap for a drug operation.

The USS Constitution had just arrived at Dragorin VI, a planet that could potentially be the new home for a group of Dokkarans who had to leave their chosen home planet Kelan due to severe soil poisoning. A large away team had been sent down to scout the surroundings and find out if the planet would be suitable for the group. After the group split into two teams, one of them reported they were under attack before they vanished from sensors. The other team began to behave strangely. Two more teams were sent to the surface: one to find the vanished team led by Lieutenant Commander Shar’Wyn Foster and one to find the strangely behaving team led by Lieutenant Commander Rustyy Hael.

Captain Jalana Rajel brought her team to find Hael and his team in a large pool of sickening sweet sap coming from the trunks of enormous trees. Hael, Lieutenant Commander Sindra Essen, and Lieutenant JG Chelin Ch’Gabor appeared affected by the sap in different ways, from hallucinations to tiredness or headaches. With help of the runabout, the team was extracted by Rajel, Lieutenant Commander Danzia, Lieutenant Jerome Milsap, and security, and they are now collectively being treated in the Constitution’s sickbay.

Doctor Alize Sorenson stated, “This compound’s been exported and mixed with others into a street drug called ‘All Time High.’ By itself it’s not nearly as dangerous, thank God, and we have a few recommended treatments on file.”

Commander T’Mar and her team consisting of Ensign Na’Lae Mandak and security went on to find the vanished team. Discovering the location at which contact was lost, they followed the traces and ran into a Xindi-Reptilian member of the Orion Syndicate, which had taken residence on the planet to harvest the narcotic sap. While they attempted to overwhelm said Xindi, who identified himself as Lazlo, the team around Foster faced their own problems.

Their disappearance happened due to an attack of two more members of the Syndicate: the Ferengi Gaixor and the Orion Jolan Urian. Foster, Lieutenant JG Solaris McLaren, Lieutenant JG Gina Es-Aleh, and the Dokkaran Merina Lirane were brought into underground caves and interrogated. Through wit and a bit of luck, the officers attempted escape but were found and punished by Urian. They fought back fervently and eventually were able to injure and tie up the Orion to escape him.

Lirane was held separately and upon her escape was found by Gaixor. Joined by the officers, the four now managed to trick Gaixor and disable the jammer that disrupted transporters and communications with the Constitution. However, they also found out that a self-destruct sequence had been started and couldn’t be stopped.

Meanwhile, the bridge crew worked hard to recover their people under the lead of Ensign Akoni Soriano, one of the ship’s intel officers. Just in the nick of time, the bridge crew was able to beam Foster’s team including both Syndicate members and then T’Mar’s team, including Lazlo, to the ship.

All away team members are being treated in sickbay, with focus on Foster, who was injured critically as his team defended itself against Urian. The members of the Syndicate are being detained in the brig and prepared for interrogations. The decision of whether the Dokkarans will remain on Dragorin VI as their new home planet has yet to be made.

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