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USS Constitution-B uncovers ties with the Cabal

LERAYN — A Suliban guest, discovered to be a sleeper agent responsible for the murder of Minister Junor, claims to have been programmed by a government’s guard, a secret member of the Cabal.

Though the tensions between the USS Constitution (NCC-9012-B) and the Suliban government had been high tinseled enough to feel through the vast space between the planet and starship, Minister Fayne was cooperative. Little did he know that far more sinister operations were afoot, continuing to stick their noses into the USS Constitution’s investigation.

Meanwhile, the crew members sent planet-side continued to pop out of contact. The sudden loss of officers aboard the USS Constitution – as they were beamed off the ship by an unknown source – prompted acting commanding officer Lieutenant Commander T’Mar to send Lieutenant Commander Sinda Essen to the planet. Sinda and a team of officers were to seek out their people and possibly uncover the truth of all this madness. With swiftness, the team lift off, and more interference arose when the shuttle was attacked.

A strange computer virus wormed its way through the USS Constitution’s systems, not only did it draw the attention of the Ops chief, Lieutenant Commander Nathaniel Wilmer, but also that of the chief medical officer, Lieutenant Commander Shar’Wyn Foster. The reason for that was that the virus was actually a herd of microbes.

“You never really think about a computer virus being a medical officer’s problem. But I guess that just goes to show how strange things can be,” said Lieutenant JG Abicrom of the Medical Department.

With the help of a handful of Operations Officers, Wilmer and Foster eliminated the virus and restored the Constitution’s systems to their former state.

The teams on Lerayn had by then found the lost officers and their guest Suliban Akana, who to their surprise began to shoot the Starfleet officers. After being rendered unconscious by a Suliban guard, she came to shortly after and not only admitted to having killed Junor but also accused the aforementioned guard of being behind the act.

As the teams on Lerayn converged in the theta-radiated, abandoned part of the government building, a temporary truce was made for all to get to safety. Once beyond the dangerous grounds, everyone was transported to the USS Constitution, where the search for answers began.

It was later found out that all the interference was caused by members of the Cabal, one of which was the guard who admitted having programmed Akana to be a sleeper agent to do his bidding. He was left to be tried by the Suliban government for both treason and murder. Akana, on the other hand, has been handed over to the psychological Facilities on Starbase 11 where experts will work on deleting the programming. She will then face a trial to determine her future. Many questions still remain a mystery, perhaps never to be answered. Despite it all, the USS Constitution is headed for some much-deserved rest and relaxation.

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