Constitution crew enjoys shore leave on Starbase 11

Constitution crew enjoys shore leave on Starbase 11

STARBASE 11 — After returning from Lerayn and the Suliban situation, the USS Constitution has returned to their home station of Starbase 11 for a well-deserved shore leave.

The planetside station offered all kinds of facilities to give the crew a little change of scenery from the containments of steel walls. Beaches to enjoy the sun were utilised just as much as jogging trails under the dome that allow the control of several simulated weather zones. Facilities like restaurants, gym halls or deluxe holodecks were just as popular services like bungee jumping, parachuting or diving expeditions.
The whole senior crew enjoyed a special evening in the local Strike Lanes Bowling Alley, a location inspired by iconic 20th century bowling alleys of Earth.
“It’s another Terran sport? Did you guys ever do any work on that planet?” Sinda Essen remarked while being instructed on how to play the game.
The crew celebrated the end of the mission and their time off with a game not everyone in their crew knew how to play. But that didn’t change the good mood and fun to be had. In groups, the parties played not only against but also with each other and while some were better than others, points weren’t part of the success of the evening.
Of course, Captain Jalana Rajel and then-Lieutenant Commander T’Mar couldn’t resist using the get-together as an opportunity to hand out service ribbons to reward the good work during the Suliban mission and promote various crew members. Ensigns Dag Sindri and Chelin Ch’Gabor both were promoted to lieutenant junior grade. Lt. JG Jerome Milsap was elevated to the rank of full lieutenant. Lt. Rustyy Hael has earned the next step on the ladder to be lieutenant commander, and finally, Lt. Cmdr T’Mar has convinced Starfleet with her performance during the mission as acting CO to be deserving of the promotion to commander.

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